Squadroneer collects anonymous interviews from industry insiders that provide an honest look into business and careers. I ask experienced experts to reveal what they actually do, inside secrets and expert tips on how to get ahead.

In doing this I strive to provide the most honest and insightful interviews on the internet. On topics that matter to you. I want the content here to be more interesting, valuable and useful than the “company line” or “talking points” you usually get. You can rest assured that I’ll relentlessly ask and answer all the important questions, in a safe environment, so that you get actionable insight.

My overall goal is to help you understand each skill, experience, role, industry and topic, so that you can make decisions on how you work in these areas.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Pick a topic that I think is fascinating, valuable and important.
  2. Dive deep into it to understand all the questions people might have about it.
  3. I then find industry experts who will provide answers to all these questions.
  4. Finally, I hit publish and monitor readers' response to the topic and content.
  5. I’ll regularly look for fresh perspectives on the topic so that I can add more to the discussion and debate, and help you navigate your industry and career.

The resulting interviews are based on years of experience that our interviewees have gained. In all of these topics, I endeavor to find all the questions you might have, and provide the best answers. It’s like filling out the knowledge gaps on the internet and in the world.

I’m always striving to find new questions, topics and experts. If you have any, or can think of some I’ve missed, I’d love to hear about them. Please submit your questions here or contribute your perspective here.