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Submissions are open. Please use the links below to find the right type of interview questions for your expertise and the perspective you want to share. Otherwise, if you want to know more you can read the rest of this page in full before submitting your interview.

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Why contribute to Squadroneer?

  1. Share your expertise. The only thing better than gaining mastery in a domain is the chance to become a teacher and pass on the knowledge. This is where you can share the fruits of all your hard work with the world.
  2. Pay it forward. Your interview will be shared to our community via email and the web. It’s your chance to repay the favor to the next generation of people who will soon be just like you. We all learned from someone, you may as well pass on the learnings at scale (plus next time people ask for advice, you can always refer them back to your interview).
  3. Improve your industry. Has there been something that has been bugging you about your industry for years? Do you have some deep insight to share? What lessons take years to learn? You can pass on this knowledge in your interview so the next generation can learn it and avoid the same mistakes.
  4. Be in good company. Past contributors include famous business people, Fortune 500 CEOs, prominent venture capitalists and a few billionaires (I only know because they specifically reached out to me, see point below).
  5. It’s anonymous. So you can share all the beautiful details.

What are some tips to make it more valuable?

  1. Be honest. It’s anonymous, this is your chance to be honest. There is no need for concern about reputation, professional courtesy or anything else. Do the world the kindness of sharing your honest and deep understanding of your domain.
  2. Make it personal. Please base your interview on your own personal experiences. That’s what people want to hear and it is truly unique!
  3. Length doesn’t matter. I’m not a word counter, so it doesn’t matter to me whether it takes 500 or 5,000 words to tell what you know.
  4. Every response matters. You don’t have to answer every question. Just the ones that you think apply and where you have a unique perspective.

What are the terms?

  1. Electronic publishing rights. By submitting your story you agree that Squadroneer will hold the digital publishing rights to the interview if it is published. This includes all future commercial rights. For example, the right to publish your story in an eBook for sale via this website or online stores such as Amazon.
  2. Your interview may be edited. I normally leave interviews untouched, but in some cases, I may edit things such as the title, grammar and format.
  3. Collection via Google Forms. This means I can collect responses anonymously, there is no way for me to track you on Google Forms, unless you choose to leave your details. If you want to contribute in another format, you can get in touch directly.
  4. I don’t accept paid or sponsored posts.

Ready to contribute?

If so, please use the links below to find the right type of interview questions for your expertise and the perspective you want to share:

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